Minty & lemony goat cheese tartines

Hello hello, and happy Monday! I hope you had a most excellent weekend. Technically mine isn’t over yet because I’m being responsible and writing this ahead of time (#adulthood), but so far it’s been great – with a good mix of fun and productivity and sunshine! I need to get cracking on a big freelancing assignment in a minute, but later we’ll also pop on over to Twijnstraat to pick up a little treat for our cat Porgy in honour of the Dutch national animal day (yes that’s a thing) and then I’ll probably try to talk Pieter into getting some heavenly macarons from Sector 3.

Hehehe. (I made sure Pieter was reading while I typed that and it’s a go! YAAAAASSS!)

goat cheese tartine, vegetarian recipe

These goat cheese tartines are – again – inspired by Greg & Lucy Malouf’s New Feast. A few weekends ago, Pieter and I tried our hands at their pasta with goat cheese, fresh mint & dried mint. The pasta is shaped into manta, or ‘dough pillows’, and served with a tomato & pomegranate dressing. And while it’s delicious, we both found the true standout in the dish to be the combination of that filling with the pomegranate seeds.

And so I set out to recreate that flavour without having to roll out or fold pasta dough – not that I don’t enjoy rolling pasta! But even the most fanatic among us need things to be quick & easy once in a while. And although these goat cheese tartines lack the silky texture of homemade pasta and the punchy tomato vinaigrette from the original recipe, they’re still an indulgent little treat on days when you can’t face your usual salad or peanut butter sandwich or soup!

Minty & lemony goat cheese tartines

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 2 servings

Minty & lemony goat cheese tartines

These goat cheese tartines are a light & fresh but indulgent treat.


50 g plain soft goat cheese
zest of half a lemon
1 tbsp fresh mint, thinly sliced
pinch of salt
1 shallot, finely diced
1 clove garlic, minced
2-3 tsp olive oil
bread of choice
2-3 tbsp pomegranate seeds


1. Over a medium heat, fry the shallot and garlic in the olive oil until soft and brown, about 5-7 minutes. Let cool slightly.
2. In a bowl, mix the shallot and garlic with all other ingredients, except the bread and the pomegranate seeds. Season to taste.
3. Spread over your (preferably toasted!) bread, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds, and enjoy!


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