I’m Sophie, and this is where I share my favourite vegetarian recipes. My goal for this blog is to help spread the love of cooking and vegetarian food, and to do this with delicious and approachable dishes. I hope that whether you’re looking for something a bit fancier to impress guests or need to get something into a bowl ASAP (hanger happens), you can find inspiration here.

You may notice that I don’t use terms like ‘clean eating’ or ‘naughty’ or ‘guilt-free’ or ‘skinny’ or ‘sinful’ on my blog, even though surely some of my recipes could fall under those categories, and that’s because, in my opinion, food is just food. Hopefully it’s delicious, but it’s not inherently good or bad. Sure, you should aim not to consume half a pack of butter in a day and you should probably try to get some veggies in, but otherwise I think the fewer rules are attached to our food, and the less time we spend worrying about our food, the better.

You can find me and my blog over on Instagram, on Facebook, on Pinterest, on Bloglovin, and on Snapchat, username feastwithsophie. If you have any questions or just want to chat, you can also email me at feastwithsoph@gmail.com (note that it’s Soph and not Sophie!).

In my element: Instagraming food

In my element: Instagraming food at a winery on the Niagara Escarpment

Want to know more?

I’m Canadian and hail from Toronto, Ontario, where I lived until heading out of the city to do my undergraduate. In my third year of university, I took part in the study abroad program, landing me in Groningen, the Netherlands. When I returned to Canada, I signed up to be an international student mentor… And that’s where I met Pieter, now my boyfriend of 4+ years, fresh from – where else?! – Groningen. Since then I’ve moved to the Netherlands, completed my MA, worked a few different research jobs, and more recently started on my own as a freelance editor. Pieter and I live together in a lovely bright little apartment in the beautiful city of Utrecht, which we share with our cat Porgy.

I’ve always loved food – loved it, like being 10 years old at a friend’s birthday party, lurking by the crudité platter appreciating the subtle notes in the Ranch dressing while the rest of the kids played games together, loved it. I’ve dislocated something in my body once in my life (knock on wood), and do you know why? Because I dropped a sandwich under a picnic table and slid off the bench at lightning speed to try to save it. I was six. I’m not kidding.

But it wasn’t until my second year of university, when I moved out of my first-year residence and into a house with four friends, that I discovered just how much I loved to cook and how much it relaxed me. I’ll never forget the first meal I ever made for myself in that kitchen. I’d decided I wanted Asian-style noodles, and so I got to work, sautéing an entire large onion and then tossing in straight-up peanut butter and spaghetti. Recipe pending!* Since then cooking has probably become my favourite hobby. I (usually!) look forward to it after a busy or stressful day as time to unwind. I put on a show or some music and get in the groove, and often a few hours will pass by without me even noticing. Even when the food turns out terrible – it happens! sadly – I consider it time well spent.

*Just kidding. It was dreadful.

So this has become quite a novel. If you’ve read all this way, thank you! I hope you enjoy my blog and my food!

xx Sophie